Saturday, January 16, 2010

Eric's Coq au Vin

3.5 - 4 lbs. chicken
1.5 tbsp olive oil
.5 lb. onion
1 tbsp butter
.5 lb. mushroom
2 tbsp flour
3 cups dry red wine
1 cup of chicken broth
bouquet garni

This is an easy way to make the classic dish. Get boneless skinless chicken thighs and cut each piece into 3 pieces. The original version calls for pearl onions, but I simply chopped Vidalia onion into cube-sized sections and let it fall apart on its own as I cooked. I substituted portobella mushrooms since they release a dye that improves the color of the dish somewhat. I added a dash of herbs d' Provence to the mushrooms. In a covered frying pan, stir fry the chicken in olive oil. When I did this it made its own broth, so additional broth was omitted. In yet another frying pan saute the mushrooms in butter. Don't finish cooking either chicken or mushrooms. In a small stock pot, saute the onions until slightly browned, then add the flour and roast slightly. Add wine to the onions, red if you are following the portobella route, white maybe if you choose a different mushroom. Boil the wine for about a minute then combine all ingredients. Normally Coq au Vin cooks until a half or two halves of chicken are done (45 minutes more) but in this case having stir-fried the boneless skinless chicken already, just cook until the chicken bits are done and quit, maybe 5 more minutes. Potatoes and carrots can be added are added in the original dish, but I didn't.

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